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Ready For  Future.

Committed to your vision. 

Dream it, We'll make it happen.

APIX Designs Is Your Comprehensive Partner

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Our construction team is a combination of experienced civil engineers who worked for remarkable construction companies in Saudi Arabia for decades.

We offer you General Construction, whether you need Steel Structures or Concrete work, Landscaping services and equipment. You can rely on us to execute your Event from structure, to Soundproofing, as well as Sound & Lights Installation.



Our passion in design and history of collaborations with international platforms like YouTube and Google, leaves no doubt that we made sure to expand our Design sections at APIX Designs, so that you can expand your dreams.

We offer Architecture and Interior Design, with a VR Sample that makes you able to live your dream design before it becomes a reality.

Think of what else you need to design, and we got it for you; Event Design, Landscape Design, Graphic & Web Design, 3D mapping projection, Virtual Reality Content, or even if you need to start with a Conceptual Design to help you deliver your ideology and vision, from thoughts and feelings, to lines, shapes and composition.


We are proud to take care of you even further by providing our logistics services.

We have a professional Staff Team, as we offer you plans for Crowd Management and Safety Solutions. With APIX Designs we can take care of the Logistics Planning & Mapping, and your event's Services.

Who We Are

About Our Company

We are a comprehensive team made of mad designers that echoed their creativity through international platforms like YouTube and Google for years, and expert architects and civil engineers who developed their wisdom and strategies working for mega-construction companies, and always adapting to the most recent technologies and ecological systems.

In APIX Designs we aim to grow, expand, and lead. We select each team member to match our passion, creativity, and professional quality execution. Our startup is where creativity and quality meets.

Join our powerful startup to see the true greatness of turning your vision into reality. We commit to your dream and push it further with experienced and creative execution like you've never seen before. We understand you.




Commitment To Your vision

Leading Potential Growth

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Construction, Designing, and Logistics.

General Construction

Steel Structure



Event Production

Sound Proofing

Sound & Lights Installation

Wood & Steel Production


Interior Designing &VR



Event Designing

Virtual Reality Content

Graphic & Web Designing

3D Mapping Projection



Crowd Managment

Event Services

Safety Solutions 

Logistic Planning & Mapping

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